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The Silent Tree Remembers:  Conversation From a Tree's Perspective 

Ever wondered what a conversation with a tree might be like? 

If you love trees, you’ll adore this heartwarming story about a tree sharing memories with a man who, with a saw in hand, is pondering the idea of cutting it down. You’ll quickly fall in love with this charming old tree and its personality. But ultimately, will the man cut down the tree even after he is reminded of the many delightful moments they’ve shared over the years? 

   Potatoes, Papaw, and Me 

What child doesn't treasure a day with Grandpa on the farm?

 Potatoes, Papaw, and Me is a charming tale of a little girl helping her grandfather harvest potatoes. Written in verse, the rhythm and descriptive detail makes each page a fun, upbeat read while leading the reader through lively snapshots from the garden, to the well, to the table, to relaxing when the work is done. Hiruni’s illustrations perfectly represent the tone of this fun-loving story. Follow along with these two animated characters as they enjoy each other and their chore on the farm. 

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